9 Tips To Brush Your Hair The Right Way!

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9 Tips To Brush Your Hair The Right Way!


Contrarily to clichés, brushing your hair everyday does not favor its fall. Instead, the benefits of proper brushing are considerable and can be seen both on their entire length and on the scalp.

Brush your hair in the right way and they will gain in brightness and brilliance,  maintain their natural reflexes unaltered. Contrarily, do it wrong or neglect this ritual and you will end up with dry, brittle and dull hair.

That being said, let's find out how the proper technique and the correct timing for a healthy and effective hair brushing.

Find below our 9 tips for brushing your hair the right way:

  1. Brush your hair 2 times a day
    To have shiny hair, without a knot and healthy, it is essential to brush them twice a day. "Once in the morning and one in the evening before going to bed for a minute."

  2. Brush your hair every day.
    Brushing the hair allows to stimulate the blood microcirculation and to soften, therefore, the scalp, freeing it at the same time from the impurities accumulated during the day. But it is also a way to restore brightness, shine and volume to the hair.

  3. Brush for at least 1 minute
    Brushing your hair for 1 minute at least, will help evenly distribute the natural oils of the hair along its entire length, leaving it therefore more hydrated and nourished.

  4. Be careful with wet hair
    You need to be extremely delicate when you try to remove knots on wet hair. The latter are more fragile and easily broken. So if you want to comb just out of the shower, choose a wide-toothed comb.

  5. Preferibly brush on dry hair
    With the head down, begin brushing the hair from the back of the neck to the forehead. Also, start from the sides before reaching the top of the head.

  6. Start from the ends and move upwards
    To untangle your hair perfectly and without doing damage, start at the tips, gently. Never pull them: you would risk breaking them and hurting yourself! When you have finished with the tips, go up to the back of the neck. A providential help if the hair tends to cheat: the balm. Its sole purpose is to untangle your hair: do not hesitate to use it with every wash.

  7. Be gentle on the roots
    When it comes to the roots, do not brush too hard so as not to urge the sebaceous glands that could make the hair become more greasy.

  8. Finish by brushing from top to bottom

  9. Last but not least, take care of your brush
    To protect the health and longevity of your brush, take care of it. Clean it regularly from the hair that remains stuck in the bristles and rinse it occasionally with warm water and a small amount of soap or shampoo.


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